How do you make a healthy sandwich?

Year 4 had a visit from a Gail, a lady who works at Warburton’s Bread Factory. She told us all about healthy eating and about the food that we SHOULD eat so that we can be healthy, while sweets now and again are ok, we should make sure we eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Gail brought with her lots of ingredients to make sandwiches and some of us even managed to get our five portions in one sandwich! It was great fun and we even got to dress up as if we worked in the Warburton’s factory. So if you want to know how to make a healthy sandwich then ask Year 4!


Visit from a Viking!

Last week, ‘That History Bloke’ (aka Richard) visited year 4 and he came dressed as a Viking! This was to launch our project, ‘Is there Really No Place Like Home?’ in which we will be looking at why the Vikings left their homes in Scandinavia and came to the UK. Richard told us lots of fascinating facts about the Viking and brought him lots of fantastic artefacts for us to look at.


As part of our RE work this term, we have been learning all about the Hindu faith.  We have investigated how Hindus worship, what their core beliefs are and how they celebrate the amazing festival of Diwali.

Kirtida, from the ISKON Hindu temple in Newcastle, visited our school to share the Diwali story with us and, last Friday, we visited her temple to find out about the many ways Hindus worship.



Watch out! There’s a thief about!

Year 4 got such a shock when they returned after lunch to find that the treasure they had found on a recent trip to Plessey Woods had been stolen! Luckily there was a message from their explorer friend Meg; she had left them a secret brief case with some instructions. Class 4 had to use their maths and geography skills and follow 4 figure coordinates which helped them to solve clues and find out where Meg was hiding and where the stolen treasure was. We then use our coordinate skills to send a secret message back to Meg; we hope to hear from her very soon so stay tuned!